The Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance Planning, 5th Edition – By Stephan R. Leimberg, Robert J. Doyle, Jr., and Keith A. Buck

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The Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance Planning, 5th edition, is part of the popular Leimberg Library Series and delivers expert insight and the tools needed to utilize life insurance in the most effective ways.

This fully revised edition serves as a foundation for life insurance planning and is the most comprehensive resource discussing life insurance products (the “Tools”)—as well as the purposes they serve (the “Techniques”), including:

On the Tools side:
Insights into Guaranteed No-Lapse Life Insurances
Indexed Life Insurance
Broader discussions of new riders, including:
Accelerated benefits riders
Catastrophic illness riders
Long-term care riders v. long-term care policies
Extension of benefits riders
On the Techniques side:
New chapter on life insurance valuation—for income, gift and estate-tax purposes
Expanded coverage of Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts—especially the use of flexible ILITs in an uncertain estate-tax environment
Substantive updates to the chapter on split-dollar life insurance products
Significantly revised and expanded chapter on Viatical and Life Settlements

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In addition to providing illustrations of key concepts with charts and images, The Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance Planning, 5th edition, includes these new chapters:

Disability (Living Death) Insurance
Indexed Universal Life
Guaranteed No-lapse Universal Life
Life Insurance Valuation


ISBN: 9781938130892
Pages: 614
Format: Printed, soft-bound
Published: December 18, 2012
Publisher: The National Underwriter Company
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