The “Keeping Up With Kavesh” Subscription

Over the years, renowned attorney Phil Kavesh has taught many of his estate planning colleagues how to improve their practices (and the quality of their lives), yet the nagging question we continue to get is…

“What is Phil doing right now in his practice
that can help me today?”

The fact is, times are changing fast for estate planning attorneys - - from internet and low-priced competition to the death of estate tax planning.  As a result, it’s more important than ever to be prepared for these changes (and more on the way) and to be able to adapt to them.

If you already know Phil, then you are well aware that he is constantly creating, innovating, and even tweaking many of the things that he’s tested and proven to work over the years.  This can be anything from his firm’s marketing approach to internal business systems and procedures to various legal and technical strategies. Staying current with what Phil’s up to will definitely help you in building, managing and marketing your own practice.

We are pleased to announce that, after considerable prodding by his colleagues, Phil has decided to give you the opportunity to get an exclusive, real-time “inside peak” at what he is doing in his law firm and what is working right now.  Not a bunch of theory or what used to work years ago.

It’s a monthly update called, “Keeping Up With Kavesh”.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A monthly audio recording (somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes in duration), along with an unedited transcript, where Phil Kavesh will debrief you on the past month’s practice-building and marketing activities in his own practice. Each month, he will cover:
    • Key points of discussion and training with his law firm’s associate attorneys (so not only may you improve your own skills, but teach and improve your associates’ skills as well!)
    • Tips on how to handle challenging client technical cases
    • Best practices for how to deal with difficult clients
    • Marketing strategies to bring in new and recurring business to your firm
    • Practical problem solving with respect to your various internal staffing, systems, procedures and infrastructure
    • Answers to selected questions received from fellow colleagues during the past month, covering all types of legal/technical, practice-building and marketing topics
  • Special offers and discounts on related training and products to help you further improve your practice
  • And much, much more as we continue to refine and expand this new and unique service to you!




Once you have reviewed your free trial issue,
you will have the opportunity to subscribe to
this new Keeping Up With Kavesh Subscription!

If you have any questions or wish to subscribe by phone, 
contact us at 1-866-754-6477.

*NOTE: Due to the nature of this particular product, it is not available for professionals practicing in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of California.  No credit card is required for a free trial issue.  An e-mail will be sent to you containing your free trial issue in the first week of August.  By signing up to receive a free trial issue, you will have the option to sign up for a 12-month subscription.


  1. William Wilson

    Phil’s “Keeping up with the Kavesh’s” was like a bag of gold dropping in my lap. His tips from drafting to office structure were instituted in my practice immediately. I lost no time in signing up.

  2. Howard Neiswender, Esq.

    I found Phil’s latest product ‘Keeping up with Kavesh’ very helpful and informative. Please sign me up right away!

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Q: I am unsure about signing up for a 12-month commitment.  Can I test it out before I commit?
A: Yes!  We are now offering all customers the ability to try out a free issue before committing to a full 12-month commitment.

Q: What is the difference between Standard and Premium Subscriptions?
A: Here’s a breakdown of what each level includes:

Monthly Audio Recording
Unedited Transcript
Special Product Offers & Discounts

Monthly Audio Recording
Special Product Offers & Discounts
Unedited Transcript
Copies of Phil’s Current Direct & E-mail Marketing Pieces
License to Use Marketing Pieces in Your Practice
(license to use pieces only valid while paying for a subscription)

Q: What if I want to cancel my subscription before the 12-month commitment is up?
A: The 12-month subscription option is available to you at a reduced price by committing for the full 12-month subscription.  Should, for whatever reason, you wish to cancel your 12-month subscription prior to the 12-month deadline, you can do so by submitting a request to [email protected].  Since your 12-month subscription has been discounted, please note the following cancellation fees that will be assessed upon confirmation of your wish to cancel.

15% of the sum of remaining monthly payments due

25% of the sum of remaining monthly payments due
PLUS, a signed Cancellation Agreement

Q: I am located in Los Angeles (or Orange County).  Can I subscribe to this product?
A: Phil Kavesh’s law office currently services the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas of California.  We have decided to allow those who currently practice in LA and OC, but not located in the South Bay (e.g. Torrance, Long Beach, Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, etc.), the ability to download a free trial and subscribe to a Standard Subscription only.  Premium Subscriptions are NOT available to those who have practices in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas of California.

Q: What happens after my 12-month subscription is over?
A: Once you have completed your 12-month commitment, your subscription will be set up for auto renewal at the monthly rate you are paying (unless you notify us otherwise).  You have the option, at that point, to cancel at any time.  However, once you’ve canceled your subscription, should you wish to subscribe in the future, you will be required to sign up with a brand new 12-month subscription and at the prices available at that time.