ON-DEMAND PROGRAM: Sophisticated Capital Gains Strategies

Clients Are No Longer Motivated
to Save Estate Tax, But
They Are Very Motivated
to Save Capital Gains Tax!

(Are you ready to respond with
all the most sophisticated planning strategies?)

For many taxpayers, capital gains taxes have jumped substantially under ATRA.  When you account for the combined impact of the Net Investment Income Surtax, the phase-out of itemized deductions, as well as state income taxes, capital gains tax rates have gone up from 15% to as much as 25% or more!

When you also consider that many capital gains - - such as occur upon the sale of real estate, a business or appreciated portfolio holdings - - can be six figures or more, the additional taxes paid can be huge!  (Unless you come to your client or prospect’s rescue.)

There’s a lot more to capital gains tax planning than merely selecting high basis assets for sale or offsetting capital losses.  There are numerous other, sophisticated strategies you need to know - - before your client hears them from another advisor!

Join nationally renowned experts Robert Keebler, CPA, MST, AEP and Bruce Givner, Tax Attorney for a special 90-minute program entitled, “Sophisticated Capital Gains Tax Strategies - - Risks and Rewards”.  On this call, they will address:

  • What’s the right selling discussion: Should the client sell now and defer capital gains taxes? Pay the taxes? Or should the client hold onto the asset and get heirs a step-up in basis at death?
  • When can installment sales be useful and not? (Don’t overlook the required interest charge or large notes requirement!)
  • Can tax deferral be achieved by selling to a trust for children? (If so, are there any special limitations?)
  • What about using a sale to a “friendly” third party? (Will the economic substance rule apply?)
  • Do 1031 exchanges still make sense and when?
  • How about charitable trusts? (Can you avoid the often occurring assignment of income problem?)
  • And what’s all the rage about the highly marketed “Deferred Sales Trust”? (Does it work and at what risk?)


Program Title: Sophisticated Capital Gains Strategies - - Risks and Rewards

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $159 for Immediate Download / $209 for Printed Materials & CD

Speaker: Robert S. Keebler, CPA, MST, AEP and Bruce Givner, Esq.

Purchase Includes: Handout Materials and Audio Recording

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*IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING CE CREDIT: The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc., Philip J. Kavesh, Robert S. Keebler, Keebler & Associates, LLP, Bruce Givner, and Givner & Kaye are not approved Continuing Education Sponsors.  However, several states and regulatory agencies for a variety of professionals that participate on our teleconferences may still receive continuing education credit for their participation.  If a participant wishes to receive CE credit for their participation on these teleconferences, they must apply to receive credit on their own and through their individual states and regulatory authorities.  A Certificate of Completion will be provided to all of those in attendance.  It is the responsibility of the participant to file for CE credit and is not guaranteed by The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc., Philip J. Kavesh, Robert S. Keebler, Keebler & Associates, LLP, Bruce Givner, and Givner & Kaye.

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