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We have a lot of different things to offer estate planners of all designations and levels of experience.  You have the unique opportunity to schedule a free 30-minute consultation* with our Executive Director, Kristina Schneider.  Kristina has been with The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. since it started in 2004 and has worked side-by-side nationally renowned estate planning attorney, Philip Kavesh, and his estate planning law firm during this time.

From your 30-minute consultation with our Executive Director, you will be able to walk away with an idea about what it is that you may need most to help you in your practice and determine whether we, at The Ultimate Estate Planner, or through our affiliations with a variety of organizations in the industry, may have something to help meet your practice needs.



*Limited to one(1) complimentary 30-minute consultation per company and/or law firm.  All consultations will be scheduled in advance at a mutually agreed upon day and time.  If you need to cancel or reschedule your free consultation, 24-hour notice is required.  Maximum of 2 rescheduled consultations or cancellations.

I have interacted with Kristina since early 2008. She is talented and compassionate and an absolute delight to work with. Kristina has often taken the time to coach me on how to improve in my own position supporting my boss, an estate planning attorney, and her advice is always spot on. I would, without hesitation, recommend Kristina and the Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc.

Shelby Wareham

Executive Assistant/Support Staff Member for Estate Planning Attorney 
Salem, Oregon

Kristina, just wanted to say thanks! With your assistance, I booked 9 appointments yesterday, which makes a total of 12 for the 2 day sweep. Of course, I still need to get planning commitments, but the appointments are certainly up from last time. And, I realize that my numbers can and should be even better than that. Fingers are crossed. The crowd was younger this time, we served food earlier, and I really tried to nail the open and close. All this contributed to a better response. Now, I just need to generate some business, so I can continue paying for my marketing.


Robert B. Vaksman

Estate Planning Attorney
Las Vegas, Nevada

Phil, Kristina is a huge asset to you and your company! It’s really nice to have someone to contact that gets things done. Thank you!

Richard Dayton

Estate Planning Attorney 
San Jose, California

Kristina is such a great asset to The Ultimate Estate Planner team. I e-mailed her a question and received a response within an hour. I then had 2 or 3 follow up questions and she responded with clear and very helpful information!

Michelle D. Beneski

Estate Planning Attorney
New Bedford, Massachusetts

Phil, I wanted to take the time to let you know about an enormous asset that you have in your firm.  Kristina is a consummate professional.  She takes her time to answer any and all of my questions.  She is a wealth of knowledge and has clearly been trained well to help professionals, such as myself, navigate through the various products and services that you offer.  I am very thankful that you had the wisdom to hire Kristina.  She has been an enormous asset to ME.


Ken Bonomo

Financial Advisor
West Palm Beach, Florida

The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. is not only a company offering a suite of hard to find products and services, but their customer service philosophy and desire to add value to my practice was so excellent that it is nearly unbelievable! I am a busy guy, and often hard to connect with, but Kristina Schneider kept following up with me to make sure that I got what I needed. I have no doubt that the practice growth techniques that she recommended to me during my Seminar Marketing Consultation will form the foundation of the transition of my practice from a chaotic general practice to a successful and enjoyable estate planning practice that will serve my family well for years to come. Great company, great folks, great job!

Jerry P. Reisner

Estate Planning Attorney
Olean, New York

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Kristina is an incredible asset to those of us who have relied on her and her firm for business development advice. I know that if I have a question relating to the services provided by The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc., I can trust Kristina to find the answer. She’s easy to work with, energetic, responsive, and very capable. I highly recommend her.


Brian D. Wyatt

Estate Planning Attorney
Sacramento, California